Managing Partner
Brief info

• CPA Egypt
• Member of CPA Arabic Association
• He was the partners in KPMG
• Having expenses 12 plus year
Islam Hendawy is a CPA Egypt recipient, and as a member of the CPA Arabic Association, he
possesses a broad range of exceptional knowledge, auditing, and accounting skills. Has a
thorough understanding of the needs of clients as well as the complexities of business
processes and legal requirements. He was one of KPMG's partners. KPMG International
Limited is a multinational professional services network based in the United Kingdom and the
Netherlands that is one of the Big Four accounting firms. He is a member of the CPA Arabic
Association, which promotes the professional independence and protection of Arab
accountants, as well as the use of professional supervisory measures to elevate the
accounting and auditing professions. His expertise has benefitted many companies .

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