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In the present quick evolving world, we assist organizations with exploring intricacy and hazard by engaging them to settle on educated business choices, while meeting their duty and different obligations.

Direct Taxes are a vital part of any economy, empowering the public authority to demand burdens straightforwardly from citizens’ pay to help the everyday running of the country as well as its long haul, goals. The Qatar Tax Department has made explicit assessment regulations, which set out the commitments that different citizens should comply with. If citizens don’t follow these, they might bring about punishments. Our Direct Tax group assists clients with guaranteeing that they satisfy all charge commitments on schedule and give guidance on how they should guarantee consistency. IHPCA is the best and leading tax services consultancy in Qatar.

Corporate Income Tax

A corporate tax, also called corporation tax or company tax, is a direct tax imposed on the income or capital of corporations or analogous legal entities. Many countries impose such taxes at the national level, and a similar tax may be imposed at the state or local levels.

Withholding Tax

In addition to reporting and complying with corporate tax obligations, companies are also considered tax agents of the Qatar Tax Development and are required to meet WHT obligations when they make payments to non-residents.
Our tax professionals, who have significant experience in assisting clients with the management of WHT exposures, have developed the following support services:

  • WHT compliance
  • WHT optimization strategies
  • WHT advisory
  • WHT refund under Double Taxation Agreements
  • Prior year WHT review and filings
  • Reconciliation and mediations with the GTA to resolve outstanding tax matters.

Inbound Tax Advisory

In order to ensure smooth operations of the business, tax leakage should be minimize by choosing the best business model. The companies should not ignore tax related issues when conducting ongoing operations and before entering into any new business partnership or transaction.
Tax advisory specialists at Qatar Business Advisors will assist you in conducting business transactions in Qatar in a tax-effective manner. Our inbound advisory service offerings include the following:

  • Effective tax structuring from a Qatar tax perspective
  • Permanent establishment (“PE”) exposure in Qatar
  • Place of effective management exposure
  • Tax efficient repatriation of income
  • Assistance in preparation of tax audits including tax litigations
  • Advice on double taxation reliefs available under various tax treaties
  • Tax due diligence and review guidance

QFC Tax Compliance

Qatar Financial Center (“QFC”) is a coastal business and monetary stage, offering organizations to direct business in Qatar with a 100% foreign ownership. Connect with best tax services consultancy in Qatar. For the companies enlisted under the QFC, we can offer help with our associated firm in:

  • Tax return preparation and filing
  • Tax registration
  • Advance ruling
  • Tax assessment

The General Tax Authority (“GTA”) requires all entities that carry out activities in Qatar to register with it and apply for a tax card. Failure to register can negatively impact businesses, since the tax card is a pre-requisite for various businesses processes (such as working with government entities, to receiving full invoice amount without deduction of withholding tax etc.)
To ensure smooth business operations, IHP Chartered Accountants can assist you in obtaining and renewing your tax card.

With extensive knowledge of obtaining tax assessments and NOCs from the GTA, we also have strong relationships at various levels within the GTA, allowing us to guide you through the process and assist you in facilitating communication with respective authorities. IHP CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS can assist you with the preparation and filing of objections and appeals before the Tax Appeal Committee when the GTA imposes additional taxes and penalties as part of its assessment.

Excise Tax

Businesses subject to excise tax are responsible for registering, collecting tax, filing periodic returns and paying excise tax to local authorities. Excise tax is imposed exclusively on excisable goods. In Qatar as of 1 January 2019, the following goods are subject to excise tax at the following rates:

  • Tobacco and its products – 100%
  • Energy drinks – 100%
  • Carbonated drinks – 50%
  • Special purpose goods (consumed under specific conditions and authorizations) – 100%

To ensure full compliance and manage taxes efficiently, businesses must assess their excise tax obligations carefully.

IHP CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS would be pleased to help you analyze the potential impact of the excise tax and develop a plan as to what steps need to be taken to be prepared for the excise tax in Qatar.

Value Added Tax(VAT)

The Qatari government and all other GCC member states have signed the Value-Added Tax(VAT) Framework Agreement, which requires them to implement VAT and establish national legislation within agreed parameters. We expect the VAT law to be announced during 2022 as a result of the mentioned fact and recent tax improvements in the State.

VAT is not meant to be a tax on businesses, but the compliance costs associated with collecting and remitting the tax could be significant. Cash flow implications might also come into play.

It is important to review supply chains to understand the impact of VAT, which will require identification of costs and accounting obligations. There will be consequences for information technology systems as well. As VAT legislation changes, it will be necessary to update or upgrade ERP and IT systems and interfaces in order to capture VAT inputs and outputs correctly. Governance frameworks must also be reviewed and updated to ensure policies, processes, and controls comply and continue to comply.

With IHP CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS in Qatar, it is our aim to provide comprehensive VAT solutions that will help your company manage VAT implementation in a highly efficient and effective manner. A team of highly-skilled professionals works for us , with experience representing Qatar among the largest organizations around the world.

Capital Gains Tax Return

Providing such real estate and securities are not used in connection with a taxable activity, the individual’s capital gains on the disposition of these assets are exempt from income tax.
In Qatar, capital gains derived by non-residents are subject to 10% income tax. Capital gains tax returns must be filed within 30 days of the sale of the asset or concluding the contract, whichever is earlier.

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