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With our dedicated specialists in our Transaction Services business, we can bring you, our client, a combination of financial, commercial, and operational insight to every deal. We deliver unparalleled knowledge as we navigate the deal process with you.

Joint ventures (JVs) are a typical corporate structure picked by project workers in Qatar. Two organizations keen on seeking after an undertaking together frequently structure a JV to build their odds of being granted the agreement and to share the expense and hazard of performing it. The JV structure furnishes organizations with the chance to offer for projects they would not in any case have been in fact or monetarily fit for offering for.

Types Of Joint ventures

Qatari law perceives particular types of organizations and sets out the principles that apply to every one of them. Article 4 of the Commercial Companies (Law No. 11 of 2015) states: “A company which is set up in Qatar should take any of the accompanying structures:

  • Joint Partnership Company;
  • Limited Partnership Company;
  • Particular Partnership Company (Mahasa Company);
  • Public Shareholding Company;
  • Private Shareholding Company;
  • Equities Partnership Company;
  • Limited Liability Company.

Article 5 gives that “any company that doesn’t take one of the structures alluded to in the former article will be void, and the people who contract in its name will be actually and jointly responsible for responsibilities coming about because of the execution of such an agreement”.

Joint venturesin Qatar can subsequently take two structures; they can be incorporated (IJV) or unincorporated (UJV). The major contrast is that an IJV is perceived by the Commercial Companies Law similar to an autonomous lawful entity, while a UJV isn’t. A UJV is an authoritative course of action.

IJVs are basically a unique reason vehicle possessed by the IJV members to hold the JV property and lead JV tasks. Unfamiliar organizations in the nation wishing to be fused may have to follow both the Foreign Investment Law and the Commercial Companies Law.

This may include creation of reports like endorsed memoranda and articles of relationship (in Arabic), unfamiliar parent organizations’ notarised protected records, bank letters affirming reserves, a testament of registration, business registration archives and metropolitan licenses.

UJVs are frequently seen as more appealing business vehicles since they empower organizations to consolidate without bringing about the extra fuse and operational expenses related with another corporate vehicle and the time needed to join IJVs (regularly before accomplishment in offering for a venture is guaranteed). Gatherings rather produce a bespoke agreement (the “JV Agreement”), which administers their particular relationship and incorporates whatever agreement terms they wish. This may give more prominent adaptability as far as administration and endorsements also.

Due diligence is an examination, audit, or survey performed to affirm realities or subtleties of a matter viable. In the monetary world, due diligence requires an assessment of monetary records prior to going into a proposed exchange with another gathering.


Due diligence is a deliberate method to dissect and relieve hazard from a business or investment choice.

An individual financial backer can lead due diligence on any stock utilizing promptly accessible public data.

The equivalent due diligence methodology will chip away at numerous different sorts of investments.

Due diligence includes inspecting a company’s numbers, looking at the numbers over the long run, and benchmarking them against contenders.

Due diligence is applied in numerous different settings, for instance, leading a historical verification on a possible worker or perusing item surveys.

    • Our experts group will help customers in the accompanying:
  • Understanding different parts of an arrangement
  • Empowering customers to settle on educated choices relating to an arrangement
  • Depending in outcomes inferred by the group of specialists
  • Decreasing danger of vulnerability for the connected with parties
  • Adding believability to the raw numbers
  • Considering more prominent authority over the exchanges and consequently better pricing
  • Quick and simple execution of an arrangement
  • Our job as experts isn’t limited to examining the monetary angles, yet additionally includes exhaustive investigation of other deciding elements like assessment, legitimate, and HR. Our administrations will incorporate the accompanying:
  • Monetary due diligence
  • Nature of profit (QOE)
  • Duty due diligence
  • Autonomous field-tested strategies survey
  • Portion announcing help

Administrators should begin setting prices during the improvement stage as a feature of vital pricing to try not to dispatch items or administrations that can’t support beneficial prices on the lookout. This way to deal with pricing empowers organizations to either fit expenses to prices or scrap items or administrations that can’t be produced cost-viably. Through methodical pricing arrangements and methodologies, organizations can procure more noteworthy benefits and increment or shield their pieces of the pie. Setting prices is one of the chief assignments of showcasing and money supervisors in that the cost of an item or administration regularly assumes a critical part around there or administration’s prosperity, also in a company’s productivity.

By and large, pricing policy alludes to how a company sets the prices of its items and administrations dependent on costs, worth, demand, and rivalry. Pricing procedure, then again, alludes to how a company utilizes pricing to accomplish its essential objectives, for example, offering lower prices to build deals volume or more exorbitant costs to diminish accumulation. In spite of some level of distinction, pricing policy and procedure will in general cover, and the various arrangements and methodologies are not really totally unrelated.

Subsequent to building up the bases at their costs, administrators can start creating pricing methodologies by deciding company pricing objectives, like expanding present moment and long haul benefits, balancing out prices, expanding income, and warding off rivalry. Directors additionally should consider current economic situations when creating pricing methodologies to guarantee that the prices they pick fit economic situations. Furthermore, viable pricing methodology includes thinking about clients, expenses, rivalry, and diverse market portions.

Pricing methodology involves more than responding to economic situations, for example, decreasing pricing since contenders have discounted their prices. All things being equal, it envelops more careful arranging and thought of clients, contenders, and company objectives. Moreover, pricing systems will in general differ contingent upon whether a company is another contestant into a market or a set up firm. New participants at times offer items for minimal expense to draw in portion of the overall industry, while occupants’ responses fluctuate. Officeholders that dread the new contestant will challenge the occupants’ client base may coordinate with prices or go even lower than the new participant to ensure its piece of the pie. In the event that occupants don’t see the new contestant as a genuine danger, officeholders may essentially depend on expanded publicizing pointed toward improving client faithfulness, yet have no adjustment of cost in endeavors to fend the new participant from taking off clients.

The accompanying segments clarify different ways organizations foster pricing policy and methodology. In the first place, cost-based pricing is thought of. This is trailed continuously point

IHP Chartered Accountants gives free and straightforward company valuation in Qatar administrations utilizing various methodologies/strategies dependent on the sort of business and whether it is another or continuous business. Consistently we endeavor to guarantee our customers get precise and careful valuation reports finished on schedule and inside financial plan.

Our group has a broad involvement with giving the valuations benefits and can cautiously plan the valuation reports that meet the business needs of our customers. We have what it takes and assets to handle your valuation needs in various business areas all through Qatar and Middle East Countries.

We accept that company valuation in Qatar is a significant instrument that helps financial backers and proprietors to take significant choices given that revealing is clear and shows the higher perspective.

In IHP Chartered Accountants, we will help you from arranging and planning, choice of the most appropriate business valuation administrations, up to the use of the techniques and instruments to show up towards the last business esteem. Our expert valuators help customers to assess their continuous business utilizing various strategies like Income Approach (markdown income), Asset-Based Approach, and EBITDA Multiple. Our business valuation administration will assist customers with showing up a proper and target gauge of their business esteem.

A company should have a legitimate presence in Qatar to direct business in the country. This might be by prudence of a company, branch office, exchange delegate office or organization relationship. Fusing a company is typically the most reasonable methodology if the unfamiliar financial backer expects to have a drawn out presence in Qatar. The kind of company to be consolidated relies upon a few elements, particularly the business exercises of the company.

Joining A COMPANY: With a couple of exemptions, organizations in Qatar should have at any rate 51% Qatari possession. Where allowed by the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC), non-Qatari financial backers may take ownership of 100% of organizations working in the accompanying need areas: wellbeing, instruction, the travel industry, characteristic asset advancement, energy and mining, consultancy administrations, specialized work administrations, data innovation, social administrations, game and amusement administrations. The MEC has watchfulness whether to permit more prominent than 49% possession in these areas. Nonetheless, organizations set up in the Qatar Financial Center (QFC) or in a “free zone” might be entirely claimed by unfamiliar financial backers. The QFC works as a special on-shore framework that considers 100% unfamiliar proprietorship and obliges proficient and monetary administrations organizations and firms. The extent of organizations that can be consolidated in the QFC is at present being reexamined. The solitary free zone right now in activity is the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) which is saved for innovation organizations or new businesses that add to innovation improvement and preparing. Three new extraordinary monetary zones (SEZs) are arranged. The main period of SEZ Ras Bufontas, based close to Hamad International Airport, is expected to be finished in 2017. On the other hand, if an unfamiliar company has an agreement with the public authority, or a semi government entity, it is allowed to enlist a branch to play out that agreement (which would be 100% unfamiliar possessed). The agreement should be in regard of “an administration qualified task” that would work with the exhibition of a public help or advantage. This is regularly the favored decision for an unfamiliar company hoping to attempt an administration contract. Nonetheless, it ought to be noticed that the branch might be allowed to do that particular agreement. The branch can’t by and large work and work together in Qatar.

Law No. 20 of 2014 presented a more effective framework for tolerating or dismissing applications, and for engaging any choices. The as of late declared law specifies that a part of a company can’t embrace business exercises diverse to the objects of the company expressed in its initial guidelines. Further to this, the branch can’t have a different legitimate character from that of its parent company. It likewise accommodates higher punishments for resistance with the law. Certain consultancy exercises and security administrations may just be done by an entity that is 100% Qatari possessed.

Business COMPANIES LAW: Unless its business exercises can be categorized as one of the need areas referenced above, and an exception has been in truth, a company consolidated under the Commercial Companies (Law No. 5 of 2002) should have at any rate 51% Qatari possession. The company structures accessible under the Commercial Companies Law are a limited liability company (LLC), single individual company, joint stock company, holding company and “Article 68” company.

Unfamiliar financial backers most normally pick a LLC. A LLC can have somewhere in the range of two and 50 investors and can participate in most business exercises. The base offer capital of a LLC is QR200,000 ($54,820) separated into portions of equivalent worth, albeit the MEC may require a higher sum for specific exercises. The liability of the investors of a LLC is limited to the worth of their offers in the company. Benefit can be apportioned in various extents to the shareholdings.

The cycle for consolidating a LLC under the Commercial Companies Law can require as long as about a month and a half and includes the accompanying:

  • Submitting the memorandum or articles of relationship of the Qatar company for endorsement to the MEC, just as notarised, confirmed and consularised duplicates of the first and Arabic transations of:
  • the protected archives of the unfamiliar investor entity; and
  • a board goal and force of lawyer (in English and Arabic) approving somebody to follow up for the benefit of the unfamiliar investor to build up and deal with the Qatar company.
  • Depositing the imperative offer capital in a Qatar bank;
  • Registering with the Qatar Chamber of Commerce;
  • Entering into a rent contract for an office space which meets the base prerequisites; and
  • Obtaining a metropolitan permit, signage permit and migration card. Extra licenses and endorsements might be required, contingent upon the business exercises of the company. Most remarkably, a company that is performing designing works should acquire a permit from the Committee for Accreditation of Engineers and Engineering Consultancy Offices (the Engineering Committee) by temperance of the Engineering (Law No. 19 of 2005) and its guidelines. IHP chartered Accountants can help to compute the capital gain and get NOC for transferring shares or Tax Clearance while transferring the shares between foreigners.

At the point when another company structure is created because of a consolidation, securing, division, or start-up, the money and bookkeeping associations are significantly affected on the grounds that they should advance to help the new working model.

The privilege monetary interaction and exchange backing will empower administration to rapidly zero in on dealing with the new entity. This can be cultivated by speeding the preclose and postclose measure, moderating consistence hazard, and creating predictable and ideal administration data.

Empowering the mandate of things to come express association’s cycles and frameworks incorporates:

Fostering the stray pieces measures that help the execution of business exchanges (for instance, get to-pay and request to-cash)

Fostering the infrastructure to record and report the execution of this business action, including publication of the first postclose structures (i.e., SEC revealing, 10-Ks/10-Qs, budget summary union)

Fostering the cycles that help the capacity to plan, gauge, and break down the presentation of the new venture.

Influence our skill in working through the timetable and interdependencies comparative with the progressions needed in the money and bookkeeping association to help your new entity.

Our experts can give consolidation and securing exchange support administrations including:

Direct proficient valuation of the business.

Perform Due Diligence for the bookkeeping, monetary, operational parts of the business.

Foster the structure of the exchange to guarantee the development of your company.

Assess the monetary, operational and charge structures.

Appraisal and Risk Management.

Guarantee the fruitful shutting of the exchange.

The M&A cycle can be an unpredictable one because of the accessibility of various bookkeeping, monetary, legitimate, operational and administrative angles that should be viewed as when uniting with another company. IHP Chartered Accountants, accessible to make things simpler for you and your business.

Financial modeling and valuation is the act of determining the free income (FCF) of a business into the future and limiting it back to its net present worth (NPV) at the weighted normal expense of capital (WACC). Elective valuation techniques incorporate equivalent company examination and point of reference exchanges. These techniques are utilized to esteem organizations for consolidations, acquisitions, and capital raising.

IHP Chartered Accountants is the authority supplier of financial modeling and valuation examiner FMVA Designation. IHP Chartered Accountants’ main goal is to help anybody become a-list financial expert and has a wide scope of assets to help you enroute.

our group is devoted to the achievement of our customers’ objective. We have helped many organizations recorded as a hard copy their money and financial attainability reports and arranged indispensable examinations for a business’ underlying dispatch. From land to cutting edge to financial improvement to treatment facilities, everything being equal, there isn’t a part of the plausibility study measure that our staff isn’t personally educated about. The financial part of such examinations is one of our qualities.

An itemized investigation of task or business covering different parts of it from various perspectives. A specialized, market, financial and increasing investigation performed which organizations can utilize it during their business activity.

Following inquiries will be investigated and replied in an achievability study

A financial practicality study, or FFS, ought to survey the reasonability of an undertaking dependent on major critical segment: will the task or business have sufficient money to finish the venture (and produce a benefit). One of the primary concerns of any business is whether a company can support itself, pay its workers and obviously make a benefit. A financial report can help in this evaluation. Parts to considers include:

Company Expenses




Income (cash in, and cash out).

A monetary or money achievability study is created for organizations that look to understand the measure of capital they need to secure to effectively begin and complete any given task. While a field-tested strategy may have a part called the “CBA” or money saving advantage investigation, in a monetary achievability study it will be more noteworthy exhaustively and have more measurements and numbers in the financials.

Significance of a Financial Feasibility Study

There are numerous significant elements that any possibility study should address, and in the financial or monetary investigations this is similarly obvious. A financial plausibility study can focus on an assortment of tasks or advancements or can center one explicit territory or study. In any money study, particularly on the off chance that one is trying to raise capital from a bank or private patrons, the essential least of any financial report (and marketable strategy also) ought to be to cover the accompanying:

How much capital ones needs to start the business;

How much capital ones needs to work the business;

return on initial capital investment or profit from investment, for example at the point when will financial backers see their cash back with a return.

Why Write a Financial Feasibility Study?

Composing a financial plausibility study is acceptable business practice, particularly for organizations that are anticipating raising a large number of dollars and need to have the information promptly accessible to settle on a good choice about a task’s reasonability. It is difficult to picture a bank or financial backer mixing capital in a company raising huge number of dollars that doesn’t have such a report. By making a land financial investigation or for any item study, for instance, you will actually want to explore likely traps during improvement and save required capital all the while, just as conceivably find new open doors on the lookout.

Advantages of Writing a Feasibility Study:

Readies the organizations for forward-thinking data with respect to factual data on any task, for example market for items, land improvement, socioeconomics, revenue sources, and so on

Makes an information on how much capital, assuming any, is required for the undertaking’s dispatch and achievement. Once more, this can be for any business, cutting edge, land, oil, energy and so forth

Assists with procedures. Since the financing needs are realized this can assist with planning next moves or first mover advantage for new zones.

Distinguishes zones for development.

Rouses trust in the supervisory group since getting the numbers can fortify a business and its authority faith in the company’s prosperity.

Practicality contemplates give insight, measurements for the supervisory group.

A possibility study is basically composed preceding a venture’s endeavor for a basic explanation: Directors of organizations and their financial backers need to guarantee that any given undertaking they plan on creating is really “practical”, and setting up an examination showing this attainability is the primary concern of composing such a report (which obviously will help save required capital and time over the long haul). An attainability study incorporates such essential data and information as the funding needs to finish the undertaking, the market opportunity, unofficial laws, hazard variables, strength and shortcomings, the supervisory group and the financials of the company. While an achievability concentrate to some degree seems like a strategy, such reports will in general be ordinarily more with more subtleties available and financials.

IHP Chartered Accountant’s group is regarded for its sharp bits of knowledge into some random market, and our clear evaluation in regards to a tasks suitability. We work one-on-one with our customers to guarantee that each undertaking is explicitly custom-made to the company’s requirements.

Given the steady change and vulnerability as of late, numerous organizations will wind up with diminished benefit and money age through no issue of their own. In the wake of responding to showcase changes the plan of action may stay sound, yet the current capital and debt structure may block future turn of events. There might be limited motivation for the executives or value suppliers to contribute further, and debt funders might be worried about their position. In such conditions it very well might be fitting to consider a consensual restructure.

When required? While moderating emergency sway, it is critical to have a medium and long haul way to deal with help the company perform once more. This may incorporate debt and funding, just as resources removal or procurement.

Devoted administrations:

– Debt restructuring – Support to gain new financing, restructure current liabilities.

Recognize adaptability with existing loan specialists.

Aid renegotiation with moneylenders by performing free business audit and distinguishing and esteeming extra security.

Investigate extra financing choices utilizing something like date information on emergency account bundles.

Use reforecasting to characterize the hole/ask, distinguish guarantee and organizing openings and connect with moneylenders early.

Show that the business is doing its part and look for submitted yet undrawn credit extensions as a cushion.

– Alternative loaning for key areas – Support to gain new business/contenders.

Existing moneylenders might be at their danger limit for a solitary credit or area.

Elective moneylenders that can convey capital deftly at short notification may offer an elective arrangement, however unmistakably the terms should be arranged.

The details of any help bundle may must be quickly arranged and concurred , with hurriedly amassed security bundles to help new funding. An agreement building approach will be fundamental for banks.

emergency related financing arrangements might be critical and non-standard. This may require master direction and information on the uncommon circumstances market to bring new wellsprings of capital into play close by existing moneylenders on adequate footing.

– Distress M&A: removal of non-center resources – with regards to advertise constriction, even the best organizations may have to address and reexamine the eventual fate of failing to meet expectations or non-center resources/activities.

Our specialists give a target viewpoint to any leave cycle, working in a joint effort with the customers’ inner assets and our specialists in various wards, to create and carry out the ideal designs for non-center pieces of the business.

Zero in on conveying the most extreme incentive for customers in what are definitely mind boggling, time-compelled and erratic conditions by carrying out a custom-made exchange system to save and acknowledge an incentive for partners, planning and executing strong, esteem boosting M&A measures, recognizing and quickly captivating with pertinent acquirers, amplifying cutthroat pressure, holding flexibility all through the interaction

– Real home acquisitions/removals Family business hoping to procure land to ensure against expansion

Mastery in getting sorted out bespoke, productive and fast land procurement/removal cycles of customer resources that help esteem amplification

Close information on Romanian market players and remarkable bits of knowledge into basic variables behind fruitful resource acquisitions/removals and accomplishment of best exchange terms.

With regards to a removal, setting up the case available to be purchased including data substance and data memorandum, ID of applicable acquirers, financial backer choice and liaising, information room and due diligence measure the board, arrangement of exchange terms.

With regards to a securing, arranging of your obtaining procedure, market screening and ID of applicable procurement openings for your system through our personal information on the nearby market.

Working capital management is basically a bookkeeping technique with an attention on the upkeep of an adequate harmony between a company’s present resources and liabilities. A viable working capital management framework helps organizations cover their financial commitments as well as lift their income.

Overseeing working capital methods overseeing inventories, cash, creditor liabilities and records receivable. A productive working capital management framework frequently utilizes key execution proportions, like the working capital proportion, the stock turnover proportion and the assortment proportion, to help distinguish territories that require center to keep up liquidity and benefit.

A public offering is the offer of value shares or other financial instruments like bonds to the public to raise capital. The capital raised might be planned to cover operational shortages, reserve business extension, or make vital investments. The financial instruments offered to the public may incorporate value stakes, like normal or favored offers, or different resources that can be exchanged like securities.

The SEC should support all registrations for public offerings of corporate protections in the United States. An investment guarantor normally oversees or works with public offerings.


A public offering is the point at which a backer, like a firm, offers protections, for example, securities or value offers to financial backers in the open market.

Starting public offerings (IPOs) happen when a company sells shares on recorded trades interestingly.

Auxiliary or follow-on offerings permit firms to raise extra capital sometime in the not too distant future after the IPO has been finished, which may weaken existing investors.

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