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IHP CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS offers the following services to entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to start and grow their businesses. IHP CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS’ in-house and partner network services are designed for all entrepreneurs and small business owners, whether you are in the initial start-up stage, or need help growing your business. Our experts will help you to build the business of your dreams from start to finish.

Market research (or marketing research) is an arrangement of strategies used to accumulate data and better comprehend an organization’s objective market. Organizations utilize this data to plan better items, improve client experience, and specialty a marketing technique that pulls in quality leads and improves transformation rates.

Without research, it’s difficult to comprehend your clients. Indeed, you may have an overall thought of what their identity is and what they need, yet you need to burrow profound on the off chance that you need to win their unwaveringness.

Here’s the reason research matters…

1.Obsessing over your clients is the best way to win.

In the event that you couldn’t care less about improving the client experience, you’ll lose possible customers to somebody who does.

2.Analytics gives you the ‘what,’ however research gives the ‘why.’

Huge information, client examination, and dashboards can mention to you what individuals do at scale, however, no one but research can mention to you they’re’s opinion and why they do what they do. For instance, investigation can reveal to you that customers leave when they arrive at your valuing page, however, no one but research can clarify why.

3.Research beats suppositions, patterns, thus called best practices.

Have you at any point watched your partners rally behind a horrendous choice? Impractical notions are regularly the consequence of mystery, enthusiastic thinking, passing by best practices, and defaulting to the Highest Paid Person’s Opinion (HiPPO). By tuning in to your clients and zeroing in on their client experience, you’re less inclined to get pulled off course.

4.Research holds you back from planning in a vacuum.

Your group may be stunning, yet you and your partners can’t encounter your item in the manner in which your customers do. Customers may utilize your item such that it astonishes you and highlights that appear glaringly evident to you may befuddle them. Over-planning and declining to test your presumptions is an exercise in futility, cash, and exertion since you will probably have to make changes once your untested arrangement gets tried.

IHP Chartered Accountants can give a better Market Research and Analysis report.

A feasibility study is utilized to decide the practicality of thought, for example, guaranteeing a task is legitimately and technically achievable just as monetarily reasonable. It discloses to us whether a venture merits the speculation—sometimes, a task may not be possible. There can be numerous explanations behind this, including requiring such a large number of resources, which not just keeps those resources from performing different errands yet, in addition, may cost in excess of an association would procure back by taking on a task that isn’t productive.

An all-around planned study should offer an authentic foundation of the business or undertaking, like a depiction of the item or administration, bookkeeping articulations, subtleties of tasks and the executives, marketing research and approaches, monetary information, legitimate prerequisites, and duty commitments. By and large, such investigations go before the technical turn of events and undertaking execution.

Types of Feasibility Study

A feasibility study assesses the undertaking’s potential for progress; in this manner, seen objectivity is a fundamental factor in the believability of the study for expected financial backers and loaning establishments. There are five sorts of feasibility studies—separate regions that a feasibility study looks at, depicted beneath.

1. Technical Feasibility

This appraisal centers around the technical resources are accessible to the association. It assists associations with deciding if the technical resources meet the limit and whether the technical group is fit for changing over the thoughts into working frameworks. Technical feasibility additionally includes the assessment of the equipment, programming, and other technical prerequisites of the proposed framework. As an overstated model, an association wouldn’t have any desire to attempt to put Star Trek’s carriers in their structure—at present, this task isn’t technically practical.

2. Financial Feasibility

This appraisal normally includes an expense/benefits examination of the venture, assisting associations with deciding the practicality, cost, and advantages related to an undertaking before monetary resources are dispensed. It additionally fills in as a free undertaking appraisal and upgrades project believability—helping leaders decide the positive financial advantages to the association that the proposed task will give.

3. Lawful Feasibility

This evaluation researches whether any part of the proposed project clashes with lawful necessities like drafting laws, information security acts, or online media laws. Suppose an association needs to develop another place of business in a particular area. A feasibility study may uncover the association’s optimal area isn’t drafted for that kind of business. That association has quite recently saved impressive time and exertion by discovering that their task was not plausible right all along.

4. Operational Feasibility

This appraisal includes undertaking a study to dissect and decide if—and how well—the association’s requirements can be met by finishing the task. Operational feasibility concentrates likewise look at how a venture plan fulfills the necessities distinguished in the prerequisites investigation period of framework improvement.

5. Planning Feasibility

This evaluation is the most significant for project achievement; all things considered, an undertaking will bomb if not finished on schedule. In booking feasibility, an association gauges how the venture will require to finish.

At the point when these territories have all been analyzed, the feasibility examination recognizes any requirements the proposed undertaking may confront, including:

Inner Project Constraints: Technical, Technology, Budget, Resource, and so on

Inner Corporate Constraints: Financial, Marketing, Export, and so forth

Outer Constraints: Logistics, Environment, Laws, and Regulations, and so on.

A business plan is a composed report that depicts exhaustively how a business—generally a startup—characterizes its targets and how it is to approach accomplishing its objectives. A business plan spreads out a composing guide for the firm from marketing, monetary, and operational points of view.

Business plans are significant archives used to draw in the venture before an organization has set up a demonstrated history. They are additionally a decent route for organizations to keep themselves on track going ahead.

In spite of the fact that they’re particularly helpful for new businesses, each organization ought to have a business plan. In a perfect world, the arrangement is explored and refreshed occasionally to check whether objectives have been met or have changed and advanced. Once in a while, another business plan is made for a setup business that has chosen to move toward another path.


A business plan is a composed report portraying an organization’s center business exercises, targets, and how it plans to accomplish its objectives.

New businesses use business plans to make headway and pull in external financial backers.

Businesses may concoct a lengthier customary business plan or a more limited lean new company plan.

Great business plans ought to incorporate a chief synopsis, items and administrations, marketing technique and examination, monetary planning, and a budget.

An investment structure alludes to how your investments are lawfully possessed. Legitimate substances can be people, associations, organizations, or trusts.

It is critical to require some investment to survey the entirety of the investment structure choices prior to contributing. Getting it directly toward the start can have critical long-haul benefits, and failing to understand the situation can be costly to figure out.

Set aside the effort to investigate the upsides and downsides of every investment structure before you contribute to deciding the best one for you, both now AND later on.

1. People

The most well-known and easiest investment vehicle is an individual holding investment in their own name, either independently or mutually. Investments in an individual name can be:

Simple to set up and oversee as pay and capital additions are remembered for the person’s own assessment forms.

Simpler to manage as there is considerably less administrative work in contrast with different structures.

More practical as there are no extra costs to set up and run.

More expense compelling, particularly if the investment is contrarily equipped or one of the people is a low pay worker.

Expense advantaged if the investment is the family home.

Be that as it may, resources held by an individual offer no adaptability with the appropriation of pay. People in high-hazard occupations could be sued and their resources presented to chance from banks. Adversely outfitted resources held by an individual will ultimately turn out to be decidedly equipped, bringing about an expanded duty risk over the long run. Similar benefits and drawbacks apply to resources held together.


An organization is likewise a generally basic structure and expenses to set up are genuinely low. An association (rather than holding an investment in joint names) is a different substance for tax assessment purposes and requires its own expense record number and government form. An organization doesn’t pay charge yet should circulate pay to the accomplices as per the association understanding so offers restricted dispersion adaptability.

There is no danger assurance in an organization as the resources of either accomplice might be dependent upon a case by a leaser as all accomplices are mutually and severally responsible. This implies that one accomplice could turn out to be by and by obligated for every one of the obligations of the whole organization

3. Organizations

Organizations are regularly utilized as a structure for business instead of for investments, yet on the off chance that you decide to hold investments in an organization the fundamental advantages are:

The duty rate on benefits is 10% or 18% (contingent upon the size of the organization), so on the off chance that you are on a high available pay paying 48.5% an organization charge rate might be more assessment successful.

Insurance for investors if the business fizzles or is sued.

An organization structure has inconveniences, especially for investments, as misfortunes must be counterbalanced against future pay inside the organization and an organization can’t get the advantage of any capital increases markdown on the offer of investments.

The expenses to set up an organization can be high and there is a prerequisite for a different arrangement of records and government form every year just as progressing enrollment costs. An organization can disperse benefit by delivering a profit, yet this should be as per the investor library.

4. Trusts

Trusts are a mainstream investment structure, yet are regularly ineffectively perceived.

Momentarily, the trust is framed by executing a deed which archives the foundation of the trust. The trustee might be either a characteristic individual or people or an organization. The trustee as permitted by the trust deed decides to which recipients and in what extent the pay/resources of the trust are circulated. On the off chance that the trust has made a net benefit, franking credits can likewise be circulated to the recipients.

A trust can’t appropriate misfortunes, yet misfortunes can be conveyed forward to be balanced against future pay. There are three primary sorts of trusts:

Optional – The trustees of an optional trust can convey pay and capital increases to recipients in the manner they want (commonly the most expense successful). The resources of the trust are additionally ensured in case of prosecution against recipients as there is no single person that possesses any resources. In this way loan bosses of an individual can’t get to any resources held by a trust. Recipients who get capital increases can guarantee the half capital additions markdown where the resource has been held for over a year.

Unit – A unit trust is one where the resources are held and regulated by the trustee of the trust for the holders of units in the unit trust. This implies that unit trusts pre-decide the unit holders’ privileges, which might be for money, capital or both. Unit trusts are frequently utilized where disconnected gatherings maintain a business together and for oversaw reserves where financial backers hold units in the trust. They have restricted application for most close to home investments.

Crossover – Hybrid optional trusts can be half breed optional or mixture unit trusts. The previous are the more normal, take the best highlights of both optional and unit trusts and combine them as one in the one element to make an incredible and adaptable expense arranging arrangement.

5. Superannuation

Superannuation reserves are really a sort of trust, but since they have their own very extraordinary arrangement of rules we will talk about them independently here. A superannuation store isn’t an investment itself, yet is an investment vehicle or a different legitimate element that can be utilized to possess resources bought with your and your bosses superannuation commitments.

A superannuation store just pays 15% expense on overall gain (and at times no duty if every one of the individuals are in annuity mode and under the resource threshholds), so obtaining resources in a superannuation reserve for retirement can be an extraordinary long haul abundance building methodology in light of the low assessment climate. An inconvenience of possessing investments inside a superannuation reserve is the way that you can’t get to the pay or the capital from the investments until you arrive at your conservation age.

The public authority of Qatar has made a few rules as for company registration in Qatar.

Name reservation is the starting point in such manner, the candidates should save a name for their proposed company and the name so saved will be in consistence with the standards of the country. The booking of the name will be done from the Ministry of Economy and Commerce.

After the name reservation, a Memorandum of Association or Articles of Association will be drafted. This report assumes an essential part in the entire technique of fuse of a company in Qatar. This is the report which characterizes the goal of the company and other significant insights about the company. It is practically difficult to draft the Articles of Association without the assistance of an accomplished legitimate master. We can allot the best experts in such manner to draft these reports.

On the off chance that the Articles of Association is drafted appropriately, the equivalent can be verified by the validated from The Ministry of Justice, from where, after the endorsement every endorser will be outfitted with a duplicate of the archive.

At the point when Articles of Association is checked, it empowers the company to apply for charge card and exchange permit. It is to be noticed that, while applying for exchange permit the company will have a location of a business office space against its name. Since we offer you start to finish administrations, whenever required, we can mastermind you an office space also.

Company registration in Qatar it includes a few divisions and workplaces in the nation to finish the strategies, yet with the information and experience of our specialists, this undertaking can be finished in a quicker speed with complete flawlessness.

Obtainment of exchange permit empowers the company to apply for PC card which is also called foundation card from the service of inside, this is a significant advance while attempting to enroll a company in Qatar.

Discover it to be a relentless errand?

Try not to stress we have our group of experts who are well refrain with every last trace of these method to enroll a company in Qatar.

We think about the potential obstacles and procedural intricacies you may run over while attempting to enlist a company in Qatar and we have answers for every one of your interests.

Investment is the organization of capital to acquire revenue, profit, or capital appreciation. Investments are fundamentally either held to development or ready to move protections. Held to development protections are those that are held with purpose until development.

These are accounted for at cost, accommodated amortization and gradual addition of limits. Ready to move investments are accounted for at reasonable worth where any undiscovered benefits or misfortunes structure part of investors’ value.

While auditing the investment of any entity, the auditor should know about appropriate bookkeeping direction. They ought to be acquainted with the information on customer business and the idea of investment it holds.

Audit declarations for Investments

Investments are audited by testing different audit declarations as presence, culmination, valuation, and rights and commitments.

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