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As one of the leading auditing firms in Qatar, IHPCA offers a comprehensive suite of auditing services to help clients navigate today's complex business landscape. From external audits to internal audits, performance audits to compliance audits, our team of auditors delivers accurate and reliable results that instill confidence in both your company and the broader economy.

Our internal audit services provide independent, objective assurance and consulting to improve your organization's internal operations. With a focus on risk management, control, and governance processes, we help identify areas for improvement and enhance overall effectiveness.

Performance audits evaluate an organization's operations to determine if it is meeting its goals through specific programs or functions. Our experts conduct thorough evaluations to ensure that your organization is operating efficiently and effectively.

Compliance audits ensure that your organization adheres to regulatory guidelines and industry standards. Our comprehensive compliance audit services evaluate the strength and thoroughness of your compliance preparations, security policies, and risk management procedures.

Management audits assess the effectiveness of your organization's management team in maximizing shareholder, employee, and company value. Our management audit services help identify opportunities for improvement and strategic alignment.

For organizations operating in compliance with Shariah principles, our Sharia audit services provide independent evaluations to ensure adherence to Islamic finance principles. We work closely with clients to enhance internal control systems and ensure Shariah compliance.