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Risk Advisory Services

Our ERM approach helps organizations identify, assess, and prepare for potential risks and disasters that could impact operations and objectives. By developing comprehensive risk management plans, we assist clients in navigating risks across various sectors, including aviation, construction, healthcare, energy, finance, and insurance.

Our Risk Consulting practice collaborates with internal audit leaders, senior management, audit committees, and boards to establish effective internal audit functions that provide strategic business assurance, identify opportunities, and enhance organizational value. We offer tailored internal audit services across different industries to meet the specific needs of each organization.

We support Compliance Officers in evaluating and enhancing compliance controls to ensure adherence to evolving laws, regulations, and industry standards. By conducting thorough assessments, we help organizations identify and address control weaknesses, mitigate risks, and maintain integrity in operations. Our expertise includes evaluating regulatory compliance, assessing control effectiveness, and monitoring staff adherence to policies and procedures.

Our corporate governance assessments evaluate an organization's governance practices, processes, and procedures to ensure alignment with industry best practices and regulatory requirements. We conduct comprehensive reviews of governance documents, board structures, director roles and responsibilities, and subsidiary management practices to identify areas for improvement and enhance board performance.