Qatar now allows foreign investors to enjoy 100 of all sectors. In a noteworthy move, the H.H Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani has issued Law No. 1 of 2019, regulating the investment of the-Qatari capital in profitable exertion. Connect with the best Accounting firms in Qatar. Here the blog is about, Qatar’s Investment Law No. 13 of 2000 allows 100% foreign investors in Qatar.

Qatar’s Investment Law No. 13 of 2000 allows 100% foreign investors in Qatar

Qatar’s update in the review indicates openness to removing restrictions and accepting new inventions toward growth. Qatar aspires to be a world leader in business and foreign investment.

Foreign investors can import what they need for the investment, in addition to exempting the design from income duty by the procedures and regulations quested in the Income Tax Law. The new law stresses that the foreign investment systems shall be exempted from customs duties on their significance to the ministry and the necessary outfit they import for their establishments.

Still, now is your chance, if you want to invest. Qatar is a fat megacity with a fleetly rising GDP. As a result, it is an enormous opening for starting a financial services business. Likewise, you can give a variety of services and products to meet the requirements of the people. Among the numerous supported diligence in Qatar are husbandry, education, tourism, healthcare, natural resource exploitation, energy and mining, and specialized and information technology services. Seek best Auditing Company in Qatar.

Other sectors may be added to the above-mentioned list subject to authorization and approval by the Council of Ministers. Foreign investors can invest in all sectors of the national economy provided they have one or more Qatari partners whose share is not less than 51% of the capital.

As stated by the law

•  Foreign investments are not allowed in the following sectors:

• Commercial agencies and purchase of real estate & Banking and insurance companies unless authorized by a decision from the Council of Ministers.

Companies that have a prior franchise or other special agreement with the Qatar government to explore, use, or manage natural resources such as oil are exempt from the law, as are companies in which the Qatar government already invests equity in partnership with non-Qatari investors. All of this industriousness is constantly looking for ways to expand beyond borders. The government may offer duty breaks to foreign companies that invest in this diligence for a period of ten times. Join with Best-Chartered Accountant firms in Qatar, IHPCA Chartered Accountants is recommended for assistance.

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